Thursday, 18 April 2013

Making Waves with Spektrum ~ Nobody bad.. like you!

Lots going on at the moment! We've just confirmed the next Making Waves party which is set to be another great night at The New Empowering Church up in Hackney town & we have a live performance from the awesome punk-funk dance band SPEKTRUM!

This bands debut album 'Enter The Spektrum' released in '94 on Playhouse was a musical turning point for me back then and we had it on repeat at house party's along with the likes of Mu - Afro finger & Gel & Trevor Jackson's Playgroup which i was introduced to by my pal Mark. All great stuff and still sounds wicked today!  

Enough reminiscing - Spektrum have a new release 'Ambush in Istanbul' with a great remix from our good friend and rising superstar Kiwi. Live the band are something else - you gotta see it.


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