Sunday, 27 April 2008

love being a dj

By Ben Goodbye

When you go out every night the whole thing becomes a big boring chore, you get bored of seeing the same pontificating “dude” who use his eyes to gesticulate and pretend dying their hair and hunting for vintage shirts and jackets is “not giving a shit and unique” who you just want to punch them

Or the girl wearing white tights and “There’s no place like home” shoes you want to trip up. She’s the type you think there’s flowers and meeting her mum involved and waiting nine dates for any action. Obviously, you’d only have to wait one date or less

A huge guilty pleasure of being a DJ is cutting the line and marching right up to the velvet rope all casual, going, "Hi, I'm the DJ." I like to go to a gig dressed like a total slob. The nicer the club, the shittier I look. Then I can stroll past all those above types and make a big huge deal about going through the door first

Theatre of Disco - YOA (The Twelves Remix)