Tuesday, 12 August 2008


By Hello Mozart!

So it seems like years since we've had our usual crowd at Big in Japan. Massive thanks to everyone who has supported us over the summer. We've just got a few weeks before Uni kicks back in and we can party like we used to! We've got some pretty big changes coming up in the new term. Upstairs we'll see a new music policy being brought in, and downstairs we'll be bringing you the best in DJ talent from around the UK.

So over the past few weeks I've been to my fair share of summer festivals, gigs and club nights. We kicked things off with Zoo8 - What a joke. The organisers went bust ebfore the festival even started which lead to acts pulling out left right and centre and just generally the most bland festival i've ever been to. Lucky I didn't pay for it!

Next was Camp Bestival, I was making a promo film over the weekend. Like its big brother Bestival, it was superbly ran and the whole weekend played out without a hitch. Billed as a 'Family Festival' I've never been around so many little kids - however when night set in, the kids we're asleep and the DJ's a small private parties in various tents we're more than entertaining.

The weekend just gone, I played Club NME On&Up room with Jonjo for the second time - always have such a good time there. Field Day. Hmmmm. Not gonna talk about it. Ha.

This weekend I've got Loop festival with NYPC and Cut Copy, as well as Big In Japan favourites The Shoes. I'm playing the Official Afterparty with Styleslut, also BIJ favourites at The Ocean Rooms - Come along if you can.

Music wise - I have to admit nothings been really getting me that excited. I've selected a few tracks, so here goes -

First up its a track by Tilly and the Wall. It's called Beat Control and I think it's safe to say its quite a change of direction compared to some of their earlier stuff. It's been my summer driving song of the year. It's begging for a decent remix, there are a few that have started to surface - but none that really do the original justice. Anyway - I love it. It's pop at its finest.

Tilly And The Wall - Beat Control [MP3, FileDen]

Next see's indie electro veterens The Faint burst back onto the scene with their fifth studio album. Fasciination is almost more similar to their first, more instrument driven album, Media, definitely quite different to their previous venture Wet From Birth. The track i've chosen is called The Geeks We're Right, it's one of the more up beat tracks on the album - I think it just sums up everything The Faint are about.... Geeks.

The Faint - The Geeks We're Right [MP3, FileDen]

Fukkk Offf... Here is a name your going t be hearing more and more of over the next few months. As well as producing amazing remixes, their orginal material is dirty as hell. With almost Bennassi like bass lines, and soaring synths - it's impossible not to move to it. They've taken more of a heavy direction with their most recent stuff, and this track, Rock Paper Scissors, is up their with the likes of Digitalism's 'Zdarlight' or Simian Mobile Disco's 'Sleep Deprivation'.

Fukkk Offf - Rock Paper Scissors [MP3, FileDen]

HM x