Wednesday, 30 September 2009


So we've just been through a big design revamp - and here is the new look logo and blog. We're pretty happy with it!! Let us know what you think - comment below or comment on Twitter, start your message with @biginjapanclub for your comment to appear on our page.

We also have the October listings, with our 3RD BIRTHDAY coming up!

1st - Audioslut DJ's
8th - Orlando Boom! DJ's
15th - Blah Blah Blah DJ'S
Blaise Belleville (Platform)
Prince Pac (Too Legit to Quit)
A Love Supreme DJ's
29th - Special Guests TBA

There are some big things lined up for the next few weeks,  one of our main projects is a new platform for emerging artists - but we can't say much more than that at the moment, it's all very hush hush.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


This week we pay tribute to everyones favourite oversized lesbian and her collaboration with Simon Mobile Disco. Beth Ditto is featured on their track Cruel Intentions - and whilst the song surfaced back in July, it's still on repeat on my ipod so I thought I should share.  Definately one of my songs of the summer, pretty impossible not to dance to this song - which is what good music should be about!

SMD - Cruel Intentions (ft Beth Ditto) [zShare link]

Next up The Golden Filters new track - the massive first single of their upcoming album. We can't get enough of this song - watch out for these guys (and girl), this song will be huge.

THE GOLDEN FILTER - Thunderbird [zShare link]

Finally - we're in the process of making all new galleries for our photos, so watch this space - there's a lot more where these come from, and they'll be here on the blog first (click the picture below)

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Thursday, 17 September 2009


2 WEEKS TIL FRESHERS... and the countdown of the best BIG IN JAPAN events is nearing a close... This week we have an extra special one...

Few nights can claim to influence club culture - but DISCO BLOODBATH really has redefined the idea of a good party. Hosting their events in disused warehouses, and rarely holding a party in the same place twice, you get the feeling that you're witnessing something special, somethat that only a select few have the chance to see and experience, and for me - that's what makes a great club night.

We wanted to bring some of that to Bournemouth so in October last year - we brought Damon Martin. We recorded the whole thing and until now, only I have had it on my iPod. I kind of feel that I don't want to share this, but seeing as this is a countdown of my favourite BIG IN JAPAN's - I have to, haha.

So, here it is... In all it's 1 Hour, 33 minutes and 33 seconds glory. Enjoy it... I have been.

DISCO BLOODBATH (Damon Martin) Recorded live at BIGINJAPAN (09/10/08) [MP3, 100MB, 1hr 33mins]

It's a direct link so you'll have to right click and save as.


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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Three weeks to go til the students get back... but it's time for me to say goodbye to BIGINJAPAN. I have passed the keys to the kingdom to those lovely girls the plastic hearts, who have helped art school mess up there degrees since 1985.

As a leaving present (don't worry too much, i'll still be runing the blog!) - here are two tracks recorded in 2008 when THE SHOES came to play. They've got new tracks up online - go check them out.

KNOCK OUT - The Shoes (Recorded Live at BIGINJAPAN) MP3 / 320kbs
AMERICA - The Shoes (Recorded Live at BIGINJAPAN) MP3 / 320kbs

Look out for next weeks posts - got a very special recorded DJ set to share!!


Tuesday, 1 September 2009


We're excited for a few reasons here at BIGINJAPAN - it's just four weeks until the start of the new school year, and that means the party really starts. To celebrate this, we've given our blog a total makeover, the new website is in the pipelines and should be going live in the next week or so... and...

Over the next four weeks, we'll be recounting our favourite BIGINJAPAN nights - this week, it's Joe and Will ask?

Back in March 2008, we invited two boys by the name of Joe and Will to play live at BIGINJAPAN. Known around London for playing at club nights at  Matter, Trailer Trash, Durrr, Club NME, Boombox - these boys ahve gone from strength to strength since their set last March.
Here are two tracks recorded live, enjoy.

SINGLE (Recorded Live at BIGINJAPAN) [Direct Link, 320KB MP3, 7MB]
WARM IT UP (Recorded Live at BIGINJAPAN)  [Direct Link, 320KB MP3, 8MB)
For more info on Joe and Will ask?...

Current single Fabric Of Win + Remix is out NOW on Beatport

Until next time