Monday, 29 September 2008


By Ben Goodbye

If you’re going to do gold, do gold. Save up and buy some, steal some, borrow the stuff if you have to. Don’t go out and buy that awful fake stuff, it look so cheap. And leaves a green stain on your skin. And it looks so cheap – I said that twice. While we’re on it, a quick word about the amount of fake gold people wear: chain upon chain upon chain. Eugh! Common.

The only “Fool’s” Gold I like is the record label. I ranted about these guys a while back and I’ve not been disappointed. Kid Sister’s debut album is finished, mixed, and mastered and is set to be released November 4th . I can’t wait

Kid Sister – Family Reunion
Kid Sister Featuring Paserock - WTF

And a little extra

DJ Kentaro Featuring Spank Rock – Free (Leg-no Remix)