Monday, 16 July 2012

Slow Listening: 100% Silk’s Fort Romeau on the need to rethink our approach to music consumption

Words: Mike Norris aka Fort Romeau

In a digital age, buying and listening to vinyl records may appear antiquated, and to some even a little pretentious, but i’d like to offer my thoughts on why I think, it is both a hugely enjoyable, and highly rewarding experience.

Firstly let me explain that I don’t wish to frame this issue within the traditional vinyl vs digital narrative. Digital formats now provide wider access to a wider range of music than at any point in the history of recorded sound. To me, any technological development that allows more people great access to quality information is always positive.

There are however drawbacks to having such unprecedented access. In contemporary life, our attention is more fractured and intermittent than at any point in human history. If you by any chance you are reading this, it’s probable you have at least 4 other browser windows open, perhaps a beeping Twitter application, two conversations on Facebook, a YouTube video paused and a song playing on Spotify all whilst checking your emails for the second time in as many minutes, to try and avoid whatever it is you are supposed to be doing on Excel/Word/Illustrator, etc.

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