Thursday, 22 December 2011

Free Wav Download: 'Physical Thrill' by Leo Zero

How much do i want one of these mirror ball crash helmets!!!!!

This friday's headline dj Mr Leo Zero has to be one of the hardest working men in the biz.. we know this because in between releasing his recent 'Very Repetitive' album, numerous remixes and his latest endeavour 'Acid Life' (which having had a sneak preview is definitely worth a purchase when it gets released on Jan 30th) this man still finds the time to play the best clubs the world over and drop us this absolute belter with free WAV quality download for you to get your teeth around. We literally cant wait to hear this out loud this coming friday when he joins Pete Herbert & BIJ resident Leftside Wobble alongside Kev Kev, Joe Lye & Jay Karim in the intimate low lit basement at the Book Club. Its going to be HEAVY. Tickets & Info here:

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