Thursday, 27 January 2011

Trevor Jackson Interview

The guys over at Test Pressing recently posted this great interview with Output / Playgroup man Mr Trevor Jackson. Been a fan of his for a long time having grown up with the Output stuff before recently coming across his Playgroup album in my CD collection which was a good reminder of how much i want to get him to play one of our parties.

I remember buying a 12” with a sample saying ‘I might smoke a spliff but I won’t sniff’ that I’d heard on the radio. What are you proud of from that time?

A record called ‘100% Proof’ I sampled this tune by Julian Priester called “Love Love’ on ECM that was originally in 3/4…and I flipped it into 4/4 and I did this tripped-out bonus beat with flutes and tripped out shit, they sold it in Honest Jon’s where James Lavelle had started working before he set up Mo Wax. And he was like ‘What is this???’. He loved it and we started a good friendship.

Go read the full interview here>>

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