Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Peyote Potpourri Exhibition

The Queen of Hoxton & Ishihara have joined forces to present Peyote Potpourri, a visual and aural celebration of shamanic ritual and the psychedelic.

Ishihara have been given the opportunity to help curate the next wave of murals throughout the Queen. A mix of Ishihara favorites and newcomers have been carefully selected to re-invent aspects of the space as well as contribute to a complimentary, temporal exhibition, more akin to Ishihara's previous ventures.

The launch night will present over 20 artists accompanied by a selection of Live acts and DJs. Photographs, Illustration, painting and sculpture will span both floors of The Queen integrated in and amongst the venues unique interior design

6pm - 12am | Tuesday 23rd November | Queen of Hoxton | £ 3
2 for 1 Tiger Beer & Cocktails 6 - 8

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