Tuesday, 13 May 2008


By Ben Goodbye

Cuizinier is a $tunts/Institubes artist and a member of French rap heavyweights TTC. The first two volumes of his Pour Les Filles mixtapes are bestsellers. Guilty pleasures fetishists, preppy boys, gully girls and controversy addicts worldwide. Cuizinier, the Artist. Your girlfriend's boyfriend

Cuizinier is on his way to being France’s premiere rap artist. The Institubes blog just dropped a mega bomb with “Lettre F”, an exclusive Cuizinier track featuring Spank Rock and Pase Rock. It’s total pop with a dangerous edge, like the perfect marriage between Pour Les Filles and Spank Rock’s 2 Live Crew-inspired Bangers and Cash project. Obviously, this musical coup is totally worthy of being a classic summer jam, and I’m sure I’ll be playing it poolside and clubside and seaside for the next few months. It’s so fun. you can imagine Spank, Pase and Cuiz hanging out in the studio and going crazy. The track was produced by TTC member Orgasmic, who’s signature glossy ‘80s style is all over the song. Loves it

Cuizinier – Letter F (feat. Spankrock & Pase Rock)

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